Thank you for stopping by, I'm Mary-Sue;  and like you I am not defined by a single attribute. I am a Life Coach, workshop facilitator, personal trainer mom to an amazing human, wife, friend, daughter, teacher, master trainer, speaker and so much more.

A shift occurred for me in 2017 when I was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  The surgeries and treatment took me down to a shell of the person I was; physically and mentally and I had to start from scratch to regain my strength and mental health.  Physical training and diving further into personal growth along with counselling support brought me back to a place of health that looks different than before my diagnosis but in so many ways is better. 

I believe the journey I have been on can help others just getting started and those that are starting again for whatever reason. 

I believe life requires courage and grace.

I believe we can achieve great thing if we let ourselves.

I believe in rest.

I believe in STANDING STRONG today and everyday

 I believe in YOU.