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  • Mary-Sue Cowell

Being There

There are so many emotions that come with seeing a loved one go through an illness. Many of us have faced this challenge or will in the future. My family is currently dealing with this with my father and did with my mother what seems like yesterday but was over 20 years ago now. What we are facing with my father is different; partly because we are 20 years older and many things change in that amount of time. He is also 20 years older and it is to be expected that health conditions change as you age but the most challenging thing for us in these moments has been because of Covid. I am grateful for my health and safety as well as that of those I love. We are grateful to the front line and essential services that are being provided and the compassion we have seen and been given during this time.

Gratitude has been so important on this journey we are on. I am grateful and understand why the restrictions are in place but I am also sad, angry and frustrated. Talking on the phone and video calls are great but it is not the same as being there; physically present with another human being in their time of need. Seeing that human that you love and know better than anyone else face to face means so much more and gives you; their loved one, more information a than a nurse's report, or video call where we look at the ceiling or phone conversation where we can't hear very well. Physical presence and touch cannot be replaced and we look forward to a time where we can hug our dad and hold his hand again.

For the time being we will continue to be grateful and sad and angry and frustrated. We will also be ready for the moment that we can visit him again. Our hope is that this time comes soon. Stay safe and be well.

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