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  • Mary-Sue Cowell

For the Love of Earth and My Mom

The situation the world is in right now has us digging deep for a variety of reasons but many of us are spending more time with ourselves than ever before. We have been encouraged to social distance and stay home in order to keep us all safe. I believe there are lessons in what we are experiencing as a community, a province, a country and the world. What a collective opportunity this world has to come together and create a better, kinder, gentler place for all beings.

Earth day was this week and as I thought about my experience with Mother Earth. I reflected on the sense of connection I feel to the ground itself. I love the feeling of soil in my hands, my feet in the grass, the smell of spring. In fact, as my daughter and I planted seeds in our green house a week or so ago she commented on how she enjoyed getting dirty and then added, "Well, not as dirty as you like to get Mom." I couldn't argue with her, I just grinned and kept planting locking the moment of her messy hair, black dirt on her face red floral dress with purple printed leggings and rubber boots into my memory.

I wondered to myself if my mother paused to take in moments when her and I would plant our garden together when I was young. They are memories that I am so grateful for and know that her love of the earth came from her family and her upbringing and she gave the love and joy of the great outdoors with all of its smells and feels to me.

On Earth Day this week I not only celebrated the cleaner air and clearer rivers and canals around the world due to the pandemic but I celebrate my mom too.

Stay safe and be well.

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