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  • Mary-Sue Cowell

Go Get Some Fresh Air!

Do I sound like your mother? The phrase certainly reminds me of mine. It has been a busy week and I have been reflecting on some of the goals and commitments I made to myself earlier in the year. One being getting some fresh air on a regular basis. We were lucky enough to spend our spring break in the mountains and it is so easy to get fresh air out there because who doesn't want to be outside enjoying the views. Whether you ski, hike or bike even if you are stopped and looking at the same mountain or tree it never looks the same. The mountains are my happy peaceful place there is a calm that I feel when I am near them. They are majestic and mysterious and I allow myself to truly relax in their presence.

My challenge is coming back to the city and continuing with my fresh air commitment. The sights and sounds are different traffic, dogs barking, people out and about. It has a different energy but there are still some amazing things happening. I love seeing children out on their bikes and skateboards getting exercise and fresh air themselves. The littles wearing all the fun rubber boots. The dogs who in the spring smell all the smells on their walks and get their underbellies all full of water and dirt. The birds chirping and flittering about before the leaves fill the trees and we have to look hard to find them. The first signs of green grass on the lawns in the neighbourhood. These are all great little snippets of the spring that I enjoy so I'm keeping this one short and going to listen to my mom and go get some fresh air myself! I hope you will find some joy in the spring that is upon us and get some fresh air yourself!

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