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I’m Late, I’m Late, For a Very Important Date!

The last few weeks have seen me scrambling (or what feels to me like scrambling) like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I put it out there earlier that I was going to launch my new business by the end of June... Well I’m embarrassed and hate to tell you but it will be late. I am disappointed yes I am. What am I doing about it? Well I’ll tell you.

At first I told myself it’s never going to happen and so why bother? Negative self talk is an old pattern that is hard to break.

I also gave myself excuses as unexpected things happen that we can’t predict. Excuses are an easy out, even when valid and/or validated

I then gave myself some time as I’m recognizing that to be able to do this it’s going to take me longer than I thought. I am re-calculating the timeframe. A healthier response.

I am am attempting to prioritize the things in my life and giving myself grace especially when things pop up that are tough. Another healthy response.

What am am I not doing?

I’m not giving up!

I’m taking smaller more realistic steps and action to get to my goal.

I’m no longer berating myself for an unachieved goal. It’s just a goal that is taking me longer to complete and therefore will be more worth it in the end.

This is is what I’ve realized:

You haven’t failed at consistency if you keep trying you only fail when you stop. I’m not stopping just learning and recalibrating long the way. I’ll get there just stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience and grace.

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