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I Started ... Again!

I started over this week. It has been a busy few weeks and I wasn't as consistent with some of my goals as I wanted to be so I berated myself and said all of those same things to myself, "This is your pattern, you always do this, you don't have what it takes, you are never going to succeed," and on and on as though this was going to motivate me!

I have been trying to implement some healthy habits and routines in my life since January. How many of you are there? Give me a thumbs up! Some weeks I kill it! Others I definitely do not! The weeks I kill it I haven't been celebrating or even just saying, "Hell ya! You rock girl!" I just go about my days thinking this is what I "should" be doing. I have learned from Erin Skye Kelly and Achievement Club that we are not allowed to "Should" on ourselves or others and if we don't celebrate the small wins we are missing a huge opportunity to grow! A lesson I have to remind myself of often.

So this week I have decided to start over with some of those items on my list. My at home workouts, practicing my talk that I will be presenting at an event in June, taking time to write, working on launching my personal training business etc. I will not get all of these done this week but I was more consistent than I was the previous week. Hooray!

Then as I thought more about consistency it came to light for me, all of the people I seek out and consume on social media and pod casts for motivation are consistent and achieve amazing things and it's not because they have it all together all the time. Are you ready for it? It is because they choose to start over again every single day with the habits and routines and timelines that create success for themselves! They fail and move on. A new day is a new opportunity to start over...again! And if I start over repeatedly (consistently) I will end up with more "wins than perceived losses." If you just do the thing that you said you were going to do instead of using up mental real estate telling yourself why you are going to fail than you just might surprise yourself and overtime create some pretty amazing habits that will lead to success in whatever form that is for you.

Be kind to yourself! Do your best! Celebrate! Start over again!

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