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  • Mary-Sue Cowell

Long Weekend Connection

In the past when approaching a long weekend I would be excited to pack up the trailer. We included both rain and snow gear because you never knew what kind of weather you would get out in the bush. This is where I was able to fully decompress. Some years we were wet, others cold and sometimes we would end up with a sun burn. Part of the appeal for heading out to the bush was being disconnected - no internet, cell service - nothing. Just our little family and whoever wanted to join us. Campfires, outdoor games, laughter, bevies and exploring took up our time.

We no longer have our trailer but are still heading out for a weekend away to a little piece of paradise. I’m just as excited. Trails, mountains and trees will surround us but we will still have the opportunity to be connected. My weekend includes some things that will have me connected but I am committed to being connected and present with those around me and the scenery that allows me to relax more than the internet.

May you find something peaceful and relaxing this weekend that has you unplugged at least for a period of time.

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