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  • Mary-Sue Cowell

Rubber Boots + Work Gloves = A Great Workout!

No really it’s true! Yesterday was rainy wet and cool but we had work to do outside... and it was so fun! Hubby, Grace and I were working to remove some fencing around an overgrown garden, once the fence posts (logs) we’re down we had to move them. Instead of just walking them from one place to another I decided to add some squats, lunges and even some presses into the mix. I definitely felt the burn!

Now that spring is upon us don’t forget that yard work is a great way to get activity but also remember to take breaks when needed. Some of the movements we do are repetitive like raking so try switching hands, it doesn’t always get done as quick but gives one side a break and works our less dominant side.

Get the whole crew involved. Grace loved digging in the mud with us and we were able to all contribute to getting the work done.

Getting creative with what what a workout looks like is part of the fun. By incorporating our to do list with activity and family time I checked a whole bunch of things off the “to-do” list. I even had time for a soak in the bath tub before dinner. It’s was a win - win day!

Family time ✅

Yard work ✅

Workout ✅

Self care ✅

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