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  • Mary-Sue Cowell

Simple Blessings

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I wrote this back in January when I didn't know what circumstances we would be wading through now and what an impact COVID 19 would have on all of our lives.

On my walk I snapped this picture and thought to myself, “It’s cloudy. It would be amazing if it were sunny." As I moved on with my day I reflected on my walk and this photo and I realized the mountains are magnificent and the trees stand stoic and strong against the grey sky, making for a lovely picture and a moment that I got to experience. The sky is like life. Some days are cloudy, others foggy and thankfully many are sunny. They will not all be sunny, we know this based on life experience. I know this.

When I looked at the picture again I realized the sun is there; just a glint behind the clouds, but it’s there and perhaps if the sun was in front of the clouds or there were no clouds I may have missed the feelings, the mountains and the trees filled me with and just focused on the sun. We, like the trees reach for the sun, lean into its warmth and glow but there are blessings from the clouds too, they are just harder to find. Hope you can find some simple blessings in your day today and when the sun comes out lean in.

Stay safe & be well.

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