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Skip to My Lou... Celebrate some movement today.

If we think back to our childhoods we found ways to move through life without having to carve out time for a workout. We skipped at recess and walked or rode our bikes to school. Grace and I went to pick up some groceries the other day and she said, "Mom, let's skip!" So we held hands and skipped our way into and around the grocery store and back out to the car. She doesn't think to herself, "Man I should add a workout to my schedule." She just does these things and not because she needs to; she wants to. My hope for her is that movement will always be an easy part of her life and she will always want to do it and will be grateful for what her body allows her to do.

As adults for some reason we lose the playfulness of our youth. Maybe it's our jobs or social media or any other excuse we can find; but we lead a more sedentary life and spend a lot more time thinking than doing.

I haven't "missed" many activity days since committing to being active again following my surgeries and treatment. I put "missed" in quotation marks because I'm trying not to focus on the negative. Compared to the "missed" days I have way more days where I have killed it and prefer to focus on those and celebrate them because frankly it's more fun. I have also shifted my expectations of myself. I don't consider killing it heading to the gym for an hour plus sweat session (although those are great too). Killing it for me is walking outside in the fresh air, riding my bike or a 20 minute HIIT workout, pushing some weights or doing a circuit. It doesn't have to be long or crazy intense but I it does have to feel good.

Feeling good also includes the recognition that I will not be in the muscle model shape I was 10 years ago or be able to run that half marathon today. My body allows me to move in a healthy ways that I enjoy and I am going to celebrate that. Grace and I are heading to the park today and that is going to be my workout. How are you going to move today?

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