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That thing I did...

It has been over a month since my last blog post. I was tempted to apologize but I'm really not sorry. Sound bad; no just honest. It is what I needed.

You see over a month ago I did this thing I'm super proud of; I spoke in front of over 200 people about my journey through cancer. I haven't really talked about it or shared the video or photos with family or friends and I wasn't really sure why. As part of Achievement Club and with the support of Erin Skye Kelly and her crew myself and 13 other women got on stage and shared our stories and then we got to witness Mark Groves do his thing at the event, An Evening with Mark Groves & Friends. I did this and then shrunk. The term I learned for this is "contraction."

I achieved this amazing thing for myself and then I shut down. I didn't have that goal to achieve anymore. I achieved it! What now? Contraction was easy for me to do because the busy time of summer is here. This allowed me to shift gears and in a way ignore what I had accomplished as well as other targets I set for myself.

As I reflect on events in my life; goals I have accomplished, loss of loved ones, difficult times and celebrations there have been periods of contraction. We all move through them differently and each situation will require different things. For me being aware that it was happening helped me to identify what I needed during that time. I needed time to reflect and process and I have had that. Now until I crush another goal and enter another phase of contraction I need to get back at it. This includes working on launching my online fitness coaching business but it's also time to share my gifts with others. Since this event I have added speaking again to the goal list and to my future.

What are you taking the time to work towards?

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