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The Personal Development Hang Over

Yesterday I attended The Power of Success with Tony Robbins, Erin Skye Kelly, Rachel Hollis, Gary John Bishop and others. It was an amazing day and was worth every penny! The 12 hours went incredibly fast and the day was made more special because I got to see many friends, some volunteering (Achievement Club members) and others in attendance. The best part however was attending this conference with my husband, Curtis who supports me in all the crazy things I do and prior to the event I'm pretty sure he was only familiar with Tony Robbins and Erin Skye Kelly. He doesn't really get excited about much but he was willing and went in with an open mind and before it all he would say was, "I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry and hug a stranger." I think he did both :) I am proud of us for going all in, taking notes and experiencing this day together. We were both exhausted and I definitely crashed hard.

Today I woke up with a hang over! Not the head pounding, room spinning, pasty dry mouth, sore stomach, "I'll never drink again," kind of hang over from back in my early 20s but the, "Holy shit I have this world and this life to conquer and now where do I begin with this swirling head of information?"

As I reflect on yesterday and all of the speakers there is a consistent message between all of them that I took away. The answer is not in their words, their words are tools, the answers are within me and I need to get out of my own way, stop doubting and start listening. I get to choose if I use the tools they have shared (and by the information presented yesterday statistics show many will not). I am the only one with the power to create the life I want and that I have dreamed of. No one else will do this for me. It is going to be difficult at times but I choose how I react to those moments and decide whether I need to adjust but I don't quit on myself. I learn and grow and enjoy the present for it is right where I am supposed to be. The time is now to take action and follow this heart of mine.

I'm sure there will be more epiphanies for me in the days to come and I am looking forward to reviewing my notes and chatting with others in attendance to gain their perspectives. I can tell you this with certainty: This is a much better hang over than that of the tequila kind!

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