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What Up Short Week?

Oh man! Friday is here and I feel like the to do list has not been checked off at all! Someone mentioned the short week we had with Easter Monday and Grace was off school on Tuesday as well so that made it even shorter.

That got me to thinking... it‘s not really a short week in my world right now as I’m not yet back at work. (And yes I do realize that the days haven’t disappeared they are still there.) All it really means is schedules change and we have to adapt. Perhaps this week I didn’t adapt as well as I would have liked. This takes forethought not hindsight. Whoops.

So guess what? Instead of being like shit I didn’t get the laundry done or that pile of papers sorted or those cookies baked, I’m going to celebrate. Yeah I am, I got my workouts in, blog post written, volunteered in G’s class amoung other things. And now that I’ve given myself a pat on the back for that I feel like it’s time to check a few other things off my list.

It‘s amazing to me how much more motivating celebrating the wins are, no matter how small, over wallowing in and continuing the cycle of inaction.

Let’s celebrate the wins and try and use forethought next time. I’m a work in progress and that’s something to celebrate!

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