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  • Mary-Sue Cowell

You Do You, Today.

Last year cancer and the treatments halted my workouts and the strength gains I was making. I was weak. Walking up the stairs was exhausting and so frustrating because it seemed like such a simple task. I was mad and saddened and frankly not sure I would "get back" to the strength I had before.

I participated in an exercise and cancer recovery study for head and neck cancer patients. I worked with a trainer who did assessments of my strength pre-surgery and then post-surgery, radiation and chemo. I was so discouraged I had lost 25% of the muscle mass in my legs. It seemed like a deficit I could not recover from. I was frustrated but had committed to the program so I went.

The progress was slow but each session got a bit better but still in my head it was nothing compared to my "old self." The one thing that helped keep me returning was the mental boost it gave me. About half way through the sessions I "regressed." You see each day we rated our fatigue prior to starting and I was pretty consistent with my numbers. My workouts were also in the morning and this was the time of day I had the most energy. However, this particular period of time saw my fatigue at a very high level so we adjusted the workouts to accommodate this... WHAT?! Yes we did something that simple. Adjusted the workout to fit where I was in that specific space and time. I didn't get to skip the workout (unless very sick of course) instead we scaled it back and made it work for me that day.

This shifted my outlook on personal training and is how I continue to workout at home. I believe in doing what works for you. I believe you can get a good workout in 15 to 20 minutes. I believe in rest. I believe we have to start somewhere. I believe today matters. I believe you and where you are in this space and time is the best time to start.

If you aren't sure where to start, just do something, you will surprise yourself. I'm not back to my "old self" but that's ok because I'm active based on today and that feels good and keeps me progressing to the point where I'm not concerned with getting back to where I was. You do you; today; not the you of yesterday. I look forward to launching my Standing STRONG On-line Personal Training business in June so stay tuned for challenges and programs coming your way!

Strength Testing August 2018 (post surgeries, treatment and radiation)

Strength Testing January 2019 (following 34 training sessions)

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